For the past decade James Skalkos has been apprenticing with South American and Australian plant medicines. He mentors kids through bush survival, facilitates and presents internationally on the topics of psychedelics, movement and altered states of consciousness and is currently completing his freediving instructor certification.


"Like most people on this planet, I was born into a lineage of trauma and addiction. From a very young age I travelled the world in search of the most effective healing technologies. Studying under living masters in a variety of ancient traditions from amazonian curanderismo, druidic mysticism, hawaiian kahuna, master western and oriental bodyworkers, medicine men and women of the Australia outback, psychic surgeons and faith healers, ancient tantric masters, quantum farmers and gardeners, modern movement geniuses to neurofeedback biohackers, scientists and therapists.

I have spent the past decade travelling the globe on a soul defining adventure initially with the quest to heal my perceived brokeness and battle with drug addiction and intergenerational trauma, living in remote deserts and jungles, forests and caves, training with master healers in many ancient traditions and disciplines, only to discover that I was never broken. But it was a hell of a ride to come that place.

I am an alchemist in the very traditional sense, magic potions and elixirs to heal, connect and inspire. I have a deep reverence for the alchemical process, not just with crude elemental substances but also with myself. My life is in constant process, continually aligning to the biological rhythms of the earth and universal pulse. Constantly refining the matter of my body to a more accurate representation of my soul.

In short I am a creature, an artist, a custodian of the earth, a guardian of her kingdoms, a guide and facilitator of mystical realms, a storyteller, a researcher, adventurer, magician and alchemist.

I feel intimately connected to the earth and hold a deep ancient reverence for all her creatures.

My journey is my gift to the world."

james skalkos