Average Joe: Even if you feel like the most uncoordinated person you know, you've never liked sport, been to the gym, gone to a dance class, done any form of self defense and never really enjoyed being in your body, This is perfect for you. This event is designed with you in mind. Any skill can be learnt, this weekend is designed to make you fall in love with your body and the all the ways that you can move it.

Fitness peeps: If you work out or train at the gym, after this event you will have a better understanding of your own body than most personal trainers. Learn how to generate quantum power throughout the entire body, developing whole body strength and sculpt your perfect functional connected body with out any equipment.

Yoginis: Practitioners of the oldest documented movement practice, yoga, will receive massive upgrades of understanding to their existing practice. Maybe even learn how to create their own unique yoga system.

Dancers: The biggest problem with dancers is injuries, wasted recovery time. DMT teaches the mastery of weight distribution, intrinsic core strength and bulletproof joint mobility/stability which will allow you to more powerfully and effortlessly express yourself with poise, grace, freedom and without a fear of injury.

Fighters and martial artists: Fighters of ritualized combat will learn how to generate effortless quantum power, compatible with any other fighting style they train.

People suffering from chronic pain and injuries: understanding the latest research in pain science will have you more educated than most physios and chiro's out there, empowering you to melt away trauma and pain patterns yourself. Rehabbing and prehabbing your whole body, creating a bulletproof unbreakable self

Personal development: Having trouble integrating your new mindfulness practices and whatever software upgrades your therapist may have installed? Maybe had some healing crisis?
This is usually the result of your hardware (your physical body) being outdated and struggling to operate the latest mental/emotional technology. Imagine trying to install the latest iPhone upgrade on an old school Nokia, how much lag time would their be.... solution: upgrade your body.

Tantricas: Practitioners of the sexual arts of tantra, if you really want to supercharge your ability to master your sexual energy, developing connections throughout the nervous system through movement patterns will have the greatest effect on your sexual practice.