Mererdith Keator Sands - Neural Resonance Therapy

Trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture in the early 90’s, Meredith teaches accelerated healing skills to Somatic therapists to increase their treatment results through direct access to the nervous system.
A pioneer in the field of Eastern and Western integrative sciences, she has developed Neural Resonance Therapy®, an understanding of the geometry of healing in viewing the body both as Frequency and Matter.
Working within the company of physicists, cosmologists, mathematicians and geometricians, Meredith has put forth an understanding of geometric precision in the body that mirrors the information physicists are witnessing in the cosmos.
Meredith was my first teacher in the field of physical therapy and is still a dear friend and mentor.


Justin Moikeha Asar - The Liquid Crystals

Justin is the re-creator of The Liquid Crystals, powerful vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance. The Liquid Crystals are created via an ancient process that embraces Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Solar, Luna and Universal energy. Justin teaches in Australia and around the world and has a firm physical grounding in Naturopathy, High Magic, Druidic Principles, Hawaiian, Egyptian and Atlantian Spirituality. Justin has been a dear friend and mentor over the years.


Tuan Deres - Infinite Systems

Tuan is the founder of Infinite System, a dynamic approach to universal movement that incorporates Kung Fu, Self Defence and Movement Exploration. Tuan has a wealth of wisdom in Combat Martial Arts principles and philosophies derived from 3 complete martial combat systems spanning 25 years of training. Although his main focus was martial arts, he was my first exposure to principle based training. Tuan has been a dear friend, mentor and inspiration to my personal development for the past 7 years.



Simon Thakur - Ancestral Movement

Simon is the creator of Ancestral Movement, a method of practice to awaken our ancient history through movement, awareness and contemplation. Backed by a vast scientific knowledge that he uses to explain his concepts in terms of both the neurological and muscularskeletal systems, which has both enhanced my healing practice and physical and movement development. He’s been a close friend of mine for several years, and is responsible for teaching me many of the things I know, both information and practises as well as concepts of play and exploration. Simons influence on my personal development and what I am sharing through this work cannot be overstated!


Craig Mallett - Aware Relaxed Connected


Ido Portal - Ido Portal

Ido started a community and culture around movement called Movement Culture that represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality, moving us away from main culprits in movement and fitness as well as the separation between health, aesthetics, performance and art. He does not neglect any angle, from nutritional approaches to movement & health to Functional Anatomy & Physiology to methodology of the training process to mental aspects of movement practice and more. Ido was the first to articulate a generalist philosophy around movement that I at the time was intuitively living, but did not have a terminology for.

Wim Hof - The Wim Hof method
Wim Hof is a Dutch daredevil, commonly nicknamed "The Iceman" for his ability to withstand extreme cold. Hof holds 20 world records, including a world record for longest ice bath. Wim describes his ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures as being able to "turn his own thermostat up" by using his mind through yoga. I have been practising this method for the past 3 years and it has had a powerful effect on my recovery, mental/emotional health and moving through some very heavy life experiences.


Stephen Kotler and Jamie Wheal - Flow Genome Project
Flow Genome Project is a interdisciplinary, global organization committed to mapping the genome of Flow by 2020 and open sourcing it to everyone. A collection of world-class academics, athletes and artists dedicated to taking Flow from the extreme to the mainstream. Teachingunderstandable Flow science and training individuals and organizations to harness Flow in their lives and work.
This organisation and the principles they teach have had an enormous influence on how I operate as a human being.


Pain Kain - The Paul Kain Method
Paul Kain is an Australian born Mystic/ Metaphysician/ Mythologist/ Adventurer/ Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has been researching/studying & sharing the art of human performance & healing for decades around the world including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Irish Celtic Mystical Science, Japanese Bodywork, Filipino to name a few. He has nurtured within himself extensive experience in group energy & dynamics as well as receiving very sacred and unique high transmissions of healing wisdom from various masters & teachers which he passes on in the facilitation and transformational work he offers. Paul is a dear friend and mentor in living life..


Lujan Matus - Lo Ban Pai
Lujan Matus is a shaman teacher and seer who was initiated at the age of seven and instructed in a parallel realm for 33 years. This has been documented in “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”. His primary teacher was the master shaman Lo Ban – an oriental shaman – who transmitted to him many treasures, including a variety of shamanic practices that form the core of Lujan’s system. He has been a powerful guide who has assist me to enter into an enhanced awareness of self and eternity. Lujan emphasizes the development and necessity of a clear connection to bodily awareness. The physical body is a resource uniquely tuned to act as a vehicle for the development of personal power – the force that drives and guides one to manifest a life with purpose and meaning.

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