DMT is a shamanic movement system designed to connect people with three of nature's realms: Animal, Plant and Mineral.

Working with theses realms as tools can accelerate our path towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual mastery. The DMT system is a protocol of ancient and modern movements, meditative breath practices, and neurological mechanics of naturally induced altered states. All of these processes are strategically practiced in a sequence to trigger the production of highly therapeutic and performance enhancing neurochemicals. What this system specifically targets is DMT (Dimethyltryptamine - an internally produced neurotransmitter that also permeates through all of natures kingdoms and has highly therapeutic effects on the brain, nervous, immune and endocrine systems). This is relevant to all of us because it stimulates a highly neuroplastic atmosphere within the neurology and physiology of the body that heightens awareness, accelerates behavioral change and development, supercharges recovery and deepens connection with the natural world.