I just want to express the heart felt sense of gratitude I have for James Skalkos and the information he shared on the highly enlightening 4 week DMT course I have just been on with him and some other beautiful souls. The information and knowledge I have gained is truly life altering. Movement is my life and my career, however I feel like this course has woven together all the information I already had and grounded it, allowing it to upgrade from knowledge to wisdom, whilst at the same time giving me a whole new load of profound information and tools that I can put to use in everyday life. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to do this course, no matter where you feel you are in your life, the insights, understandings and information you get from this experience can really upgrade your sense of vitality, connectedness, awareness and take your life from not bad to fucking amazing! Thank you James for sharing with us all these profound teachings and wisdom. I am now reaching a bliss state filled with love and euphoric joy way more frequently and easily!
— Alexandra - Yoga teacher, gymnast and contemporary dancer
I HIGHLY recommend this course!!!!!
I did it a couple months ago & it’s done AMAZING things for my body, my mind, my movement practices... basically, my whole reality has shifted! I am moving more, I’m more in touch with my body, I’m more flexible and free, I’m better at taking down time & recovery time when I need it, I can basically just do more with this awesome body! I recommend this course for anyone wanting to completely shift their relationship with their body/mind, anyone who wants to learn HEAPS of new skills, anyone who wants to be more effective & efficient in the world, anyone who is ready for their upgrades, anyone who wants to tap into the incredible source of wisdom, knowledge and power that is James Skalkos & DMT Dynamic Movement Therapy. If you’re sitting on the fence, get over your fears, blocks & limiting beliefs and JUST DO IT!!! It’s worth it. And so are you!!!”
— Clare - Mystic, shamanic voice coach, healer
Top 3 decisions I made last year, was to invite James into our home and lives and bodies. He’ll be in there forever now and the work is influencing our daughter as she is watching us move differently and picking up much required movement wisdom. James is the real deal. Generous, charismatic and honest. His lessons in movement, rehabilitation and energy are life changing AND pretty easy to “get”. You need to practice daily to receive all the benefits, and even one weekend will upgrade your body and mind permanently. So... stop thinking and get booking! He is only on this planet and in this region (Melbourne) for so long. I am personally happy to take any questions to back my endorsement. You don’t need that though, you just need to move. Get moving!
— Alex - Father, pleasure coach