March 17 - Melbourne - DMT Intensive

We are bombarded by toxins on a level that has not existed before in human history. Nutritionally, technologically, inter-personally, inter-generationally, culturally, environmentally, from every angle. We need to use anything and everything that works, practises and technology, both ancient and modern to understand and address this overwhelming pressure of disconnection that modern life promotes. 

- Movement - although not all movements are created equally
- Breath - change your breath and you change your life
- Flow states/stages - humans are hardwired for peak altered states
- Psychedelics/entheogens - a missing food group from our ancestral diet, that has been proven to promote creativity, healing, personal growth, and spiritual exploration
- Tantra - understanding who we are, were we come from, to have more meaningful and mature relationships with those around us
- Meditation - modern or ancient, it doesnt matter, maybe it does. just explore some and find one that works and stick with it
- Psychotherapy maps - they are not the territory but they definelty help navigate our inner landscape
- Nutrition - food used to be medicine, not so much anymore, what can we do
- Biohacking technologies - using technology to assist in the damage some technology is having on our organism
- Nature connection - exploring natures therapeutic potential
- Devotional approaches - find devotion in the act of
- Integration practises - methods that combine new research with existing, tested practices to help people incorporate extraordinary experiences into their lives


These are just the basic fields that anyone who is human in todays day and age should have a simple understanding of, being multi-disciplinary is a non negotiable, but especially if you are a practitioner of any modality.

The DMT Intensive is a powerful experiential journey through the multi dimensionality of the human mind (a process, not an object, the mind is the emergent, self organising, embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information) and its ancient and intimate relationship with nature.

Over the 11 hours, we will explore principles of movement and posture awareness to take us into the forgotten areas of the body, strengthening and mobilising every part, from every angle. 

Once we've turned everything on somatically, we will explore some basic tantric practises to access further unconscious shadow patterns and develop compassion for these.

A deep embodied understanding of Ultimate Human Performance principles and practices and how to design our life around them will be gained. 

A variety of breath practises to manage stress, attention training, general health, alkaline blood, improved learning, free diving preparation, introspection, endurance sport training. It is the elixir of life and its so simple it is usually overlooked throughout the health and wellness industry. Powerful breath techniques are learnt to return us back to our natural relaxed state.

Endogenous vs Exogenous Altered states

It is not a coincidence that the DMT system shares the same acronym as Dimethyeltriptamine, a highly therapeutic neurotransmitter produced throughout nature and within the human body and brain. Having a very powerful effect on recovery and re-patterning of the nervous system. DMT also creates a highly neuroplastic atmosphere within the brain, making connections between neural pathways thereby creating a direct and felt experience of connection to ourself and to the natural world around us. This highly neuroplastic effect on the brain and nervous system also allows for high level concepts, advanced skills and information to be absorbed, understood and developed very quickly.

This experience is fully supported by cutting edge psychoneuroimmunology research (the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body).

My intention for this experience is to safely and compassionately guide you through the deepest parts of your being. To equip you with the most functional and potent practises and tools to prepare, navigate and integrate extraordinary experiences. And to provide a time and space to have direct communion and communication with your souls fullest potential.


Full Body consciousness - Self awareness, self confidence, whole body connection, self trust, effortless power, knowing who you are

3 brain wisdom - gut brain-instinct, heart brain-intuition and head brain-intellect

How to develop the pillars of the ultimate human mover - Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, sensitivity, softness and awareness

Quantum body-mind education and how to self diagnose and activate the innate healing intelligence

Rehab chronic pain and long term injuries, preventing new ones

Multidimensional embodiment principles and practices to articulate a fluent movement vocabulary

A deep visceral connection to nature

A comprehensive understanding of altered states of consciousness, peak states of performance, flow and how to deliberately recreate these experiences.

A powerful understanding of Neuroplasticity principles - psychological change technology - exponential growth development

Organisational models and lifestyle design

Earth based behavioural change technologies from the 3 kingdoms of nature (animal, plant and mineral)

Powerful meditative techniques

Ancient/modern breath work practices

Trauma release exercises

Sound healings

All that is covered over the weekend is in my opinion essential for preparation, navigation and integration of any plant medicine journey as well as living a life of fullness, compassion, purpose, passion and peace.

Some videos to further explain what will be covered over the weekend.





Sound healing

Plant medicine

The Liquid Crystal

Event structure

9am start
DMT Movement Fundamentals - 3 hour practise of ancient and modern conceptual movements to develop full body awareness and multidimensional embodiment

Flow Fundamentals - the science of peak states of performance and practicle exercises to embody these priciples

Tantric practises - developing compassion for the unconscious parts of our shadow

Movement Complexity - building on the foundations to develop the essential qualities of the ultimate mover. strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, mobility and sensitivity

Breath fundamentals - box breathing, free diving basics diving, DMT breath method, (similar to wim hoff/holotropic breathing) didgeridoo sound healing

Natures alchemy - Animal Mimicry, Plant Ceremony, Liquid crystal mediation

Integration approach and philosophy
9pm Closing

Location: Melbourne TBA

Cost: $300

The weekend is limited to 10 individuals to maintain a very safe and personalised and very unique experience. There is no one else on the planet capable of facilitating this type of journey.

This is not meant to scare you but this is a serious undertaking, A journey best never begun, but if begun, must be completed.

There is an interview process to determine the suitability of this experience. To begin this process please contact James at

James Skalkos bio

For the past decade James Skalkos has been apprenticing with South American and Australian plant medicines. He mentors kids through bush survival every school holidays, facilitates extraordinary experience retreats throughout Europe and presents internationally on the topics of psychedelics, movement and altered states of consciousness and is currently completing his freediving instructor certification.

"Like most people on this planet, I was born into a lineage of trauma and addiction. From a very young age I travelled the world in search of the most effective healing technologies. Studying under living masters in a variety of ancient traditions from amazonian curanderismo, druidic mysticism, hawaiian kahunaism, master western and oriental bodyworkers, medicine men and women of the Australia outback, psychic surgeons and faith healers, ancient tantric masters, quantum farmers and gardeners, modern movement geniuses to neurofeedback biohackers, scientists and therapists.

I have spent the past decade travelling the globe on a soul defining adventure initially with the quest to heal my perceived brokeness and battle with drug addiction and intergenerational trauma, living in remote deserts and jungles, forests and caves, training with master healers in many ancient traditions and disciplines, only to discover that I was never broken. But it was a hell of a ride to come that place.

I am an alchemist in the very traditional sense, magic potions and elixirs to heal, connect and inspire. I have a deep reverence for the alchemical process, not just with crude elemental substances but also with myself. My life is in constant process, continually aligning to the biological rhythms of the earth and universal pulse. Constantly refining the matter of my body to a more accurate representation of my soul.

In short I am a creature, an artist, a custodian of the earth, a guardian of her kingdoms, a guide and facilitator of mystical realms, a storyteller, a researcher, adventurer, magician and alchemist.

I feel intimately connected to the earth and hold a deep ancient reverence for all her creatures.

My journey is my gift to the world."