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Sarah Collins


As a sports therapist, I'm here to help you overcome muscle and joint injuries, whether they're new or long-standing. I offer various treatments that include massage, exercises, and more to prevent injuries and boost your strength after recovery.

Whether you're an elite athlete, enjoy sports recreationally, or don't participate in sports at all, I can assist in getting rid of persistent discomfort or aiding your recovery. I often work with active women aged 20-40 who face challenges due to lower limb issues. My goal is to bring back movement, reduce pain, and create personalised plans that fit your lifestyle and activities.

Aside from my work at Dynamic Movement Therapy, I also work closely with local school sports teams, providing support on game days, preventing injuries, and managing immediate concerns. I'm particularly passionate about working with younger athletes, making rehab a fun and relevant experience for them.

To improve my skills, I'm always taking extra courses, and I'm currently working on a master's in Physiotherapy, focusing on areas like heart and lung health and neurological issues.

My main goal is to work with you to make sure you're free from pain, stronger, and achieving your health and fitness goals.

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