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Aaron Sparrowhawk


In August 2022, I joined Dynamic Movement Therapy after completing my three-year degree in Sports Rehabilitation. Throughout my learning and placement experiences, I have worked and treated a wide variety of individuals, whether that's in a sporting context or with the general population. I am qualified in manual treatments such as mobilisation and massage, and often apply these skills during treatments alongside specific rehabilitation exercises with the aim to correct any underlying problems that are causing pain or discomfort.

I typically work with males aged from 25-40 with a history of previous lower limb pathologies leading to pain and discomfort. I apply manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, alongside constructing a specific rehabilitation plan with the design to get an individual living pain-free. After this, a rehab plan will be created to prevent the area of treatment from reverting and becoming painful or irritable again.

In summary, I use my rehabilitation skills to help people live a pain-free lifestyle and ensure they can do the activities that bring them joy.

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