Get to know our Graduated Sports Therapists with BSc (Hons)

at Dynamic Movement Therapy

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                                                                JODIE RUSHIN


Director and Clinical Lead Therapist Jodie is a highly skilled practitioner in the musculoskeletal field, she has worked as a Sport Therapist in the UK since graduation in 2017 and previously as a Sports Massage Therapist before starting her degree. She commonly treats a range of people, dealing with the general population as well as elite athletes. She uses a manual approach to her treatments offering a range of treatment modalities such as soft tissue massage, electrotherapy, mobilisations, dry needling/medical acupuncture, osteopathic manipulations of the spine and peripheral areas alongside prescribing personalised exercise plans and providing rehabilitation advice for acute and chronic cases. 


                                                             HANNAH SIMMONS

Hannah is a new graduate in Sports Therapy from the University of Chichester, she came to DMT for placement during her studies and is excited to be back as part of the team. Hannah can offer a range of treatments including soft tissue massage, spinal and peripheral mobilisations, IASTM and electrotherapy. 


Hannah is also a qualified Personal Trainer and CrossFit coach, and believes exercise is vital for everyone’s health and wellness. She takes pride in helping patients recover from injuries and has a particular interest in prehab: working with patients and athletes to reduce injury risk in the first place.